The BethelThinkTank team is an offshoot of the Facebook Page of Citizens of Bethel. It is made up of a select 3rd generation Bethel indigenes with like minds who have taken the prevention of Bethel extinction from the face of the Isoko, Delta, Nigeria, Africa and indeed the world as priority.

The group main purpose is to embark on the unification of Bethel indigenes Towards achieving development of our community. We presently leverage on the Whatsapp platform to reach out to one another.

The initiator of this group, Chief Ifoghale Ekinodo Amaiyo used the social media tools, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to put the first set of people together. These people are regarded as PIONEERS of the BethelThinkTank group. In furtherance to the main purpose of the group, membership is open to Bethel indigenes who are willing to key into the objectives of the group.

The first Project we have decided to embark on is the Rescue of Elo-Oghene Primary School. The following are our resolve:

  • Provision of additional teachers to the school – DONE
  • Provision of free Writing materials and Textbooks for the pupils of the school – DONE
  • Offsetting the various fees of the pupils – DONE
  • Rehabilitating the structures of the school – in conjunction with DESOPADEC – Work in Progress

We believe with the above in place, Elo-Oghene Primary School will become more attractive and produce quality pupils ready for High School.

To further lend credibility to this great body, we decided to register the body as a FOUNDATION to be guided with laid down rules and regulations. The body has been registered with the CAC (RC 145621) and the following are the Board of Trustees:

  • Chief Ifoghale Ekinodo-Amaiyo
  • Anthonia Akama
  • Lolo Peace Agu (Née Ibagere)
  • Mr. Sylvanus Abogo
  • Mr. Uzezi Ekinodo
  • Mr. Emmanuel Abada
  • Engr. Oghale Efe-Aluta
  • Dr. Elo Efe Efe-Aluta
  • Sir Ifoghale Enahoro Aluta
  • Mr. Aghalomeno Ibagere

For BTTT Foundation
Chief Ifoghale Ekinodo-Amaiyo